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Better Pot Plant Trolley Australia 76 cm 250kg


This pot plant trolley is strong and rust resistant.  It moves smoothly across indoor and outdoor surfaces and can facilitate heavy plants and pots.  The design ensures that the plant and pot are the feature and does not intrude into the space.


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This is the “best pot trolley” – when they said build a better pot trolley  – this is the one!

This galvanised steel pot trolley fits pots with a base diameter between 66cm and 76cm and is rated to 250kg.

The pot trolley has seven wheels, including a lock wheel.  Seven wheels gives great stability and increased load capacity. The wheels have double sealed bearings and the wheel is poly urethane so will not mark floor surfaces.  We use stainless steel bolts and nuts to fix the wheels to the galvanised base for long life and easy maintenance.


Move your plants smoothly and easily to take advantage of weather changes and for easy cleaning.


This better pot plant trolley in Australia is perfect for arranging and moving potted plants around your home and garden. Placing your pot plant on it, you can be easily and safely maneuver it as needed. It has seven wheels that give high stability and heavy load capacity while allowing this better pot plant trolley in Australia to move in all directions. Polyurethane wheels with double-sealed bearings provide smooth and easy sliding on your surface without marking floors or damaging them. It keeps your pot plants off your porch, patio or deck that allows you to easily clean and maintain these areas.


Made of galvanised steel, this round planter stand can hold flower pots or large and heavy planters. Stainless steel nuts and bolts are used to fix the wheels to the galvanised base to ensure easy maintenance and long life. Built with rustproof material makes this better pot plant trolley in Australia durable and will not rust even when you water the plant or keep it in a humid environment. This plant trolley is suitable to be used anywhere, indoor and outdoor, balcony, garden, office, kitchen and other places. Placing your plant pot on this stand reduces the seepage problems in your balcony or terrace and allows sufficient aeration underneath the pot. This planter trolley comes in elegant design and minimalist style and is crafted to provide strong support for large potted trees, heavy plants and large vases while brightening up your home and garden. Setup your balcony garden or organic terrace using this better pot plant trolley in Australia to beautify and improve the visual appeal of your space while making gardening easy and increasing the garden area. Let your plants thrive and flowers bloom with this beautiful better pot plant trolley in Australia.


We, at Unique Garden, are dedicated to offering premium products with impeccable customer care to you. Collect this ideal planter trolley today!


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