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Back Saver Rake


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We call it the Back Saver rake because what it really does save your back.  Made from high tensile spring steel,  it is 40cm wide with 20 teeth.

Powder coated in red, yellow, lime green,  black. blue or purple, so get yellow to make it easy to find or the colour that is you.

Now forget about your old rake, this will do everything and more and last several lifetimes, even the hardwood handle is a massive 29mm thick and held with 2 bolts.

If your raking to make a seed bed, no problem.

The tines are at a reverse angle so they dont catch like your current rake.

Even when you want to rake leaves or sticks off your lawn it will not catch, but it will rake.

Now heres the big difference you rake leaves into a heap, then bend over to pick them up, with the space rake you do not bend over as the space rake is now a shoveL. In fact you will not have to rake or bend as the space rake when turned over can pick the leaves up then just lift them to your barrow, no bending.

Out of the garden, the Back Saver rake is great on a prawn boat or in a horse float or stable

Hazle nuts, almonds, macadamias, olives

Picking up fruit or nuts is no problem and getting weeds out of the flower bed is a breeze.

Freight is a problem, $18.00, so think about this, its a great product, share it , gift it, buy 3 and we pay the postage.

Hand rake
Same flexible tines, great Australian made garden hand tool


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