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Adjustable Pot Trolley – 27 – 37cm


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ADJUSTABLE FROM 27cm to 37cm – the trollies fit round pots or 27cm to 37 cm square pots.  The trollies can be adjusted to also accommodate rectangular pots with long side up to 37 cm and short side from 27cm.

The casters are of the highest quality with two ball bearings and a double row of balls on the pivot, the wheels are bolted on allowing for easy repair should it be necessary, spare parts are available.

We have gone to a lot of trouble to make a trolley that will last for generations, but designed it to all but disappear from sight.

Designed and built in Australia from Galvanised steel, turned up tags to stop your pot going sideways, and with the optional driving stick we can go over lawns or pavers with tipping over.

Quality, uniqueness, useful, the best you can buy, bar none….

We also make to customers orders, we have made trollies based on this design up to 75cm across and rated at 750kg, these trollies have large gum trees in tubs and can be found in suburban Melbourne.(Bespoke Trollies – custom made to your specifications)

We also have made square trollies and rectangular ones and adjustable ones for under styrene boxes.


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