Pot Trolley

3 groups  – fixed sizes, adjustable sizes and bespoke  (any size, any shape)

A range of Heavy Duty Pot Trolleys made in Australia to meet local demands.

All models are made from a single piece of Galvanized steel.  The wheels are solid poly urethane for long life, no black marks on your deck or floor and are bolted on with stainless steel bolts for long life and easy replacement.

A turn up pot retainer on each wheel ensures the pot will not be pushed off the trolley.  Carefully designed not to detract from your pot

In consultation with a design engineer, we have produced 5 wheel trollies . These offer greater stability because of the lack of a fulcrum which induces tips.

Our trollies are designed & made in Australia with Australian steel, built to work, our wheels will not collapse and will run well over both indoor smooth floor, without leaving marks and lawn and outside  areas in the garden.

To get the longest life from your trolley you need to know the diameter of the base of your pot and the weight of your pot full of medium and moisture.

It is paramount that the edge of your pot is over the wheel, the wheel carries the weight and the steel sheet keeps the wheel upright.


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