Unique Garden

Unique Garden is a small Australian business, designing and building our pot plant trollies in Toowoomba Queensland.  We are able to customise our product to provide an answer for almost every-one’s needs because we design and build the trollies.

We have the solution for every gardener, landscaper and designer who wants to safely and easily move pots around, regardless of the ‘floor’ surface.  Cleaning and changing plants around for sun and wind protection has never been easier. Our wheels will not mark precious wood  or tiled floors and will glide over gravel and grass.

Our trollies came about from the same frustration experienced by all those who have bought plant movers of various shapers and sizes only to have them collapse, seize up or just plain fail!  We have designed  a product which is built to work and built to last.

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Unique. Australian. Passion.

We are proud to have produced a quality product that is unique in Australia, and because we build it ourselves in our home town we are able to ensure that every trolley meets our high quality standards

This Australian designed and build pot plant trolley is the solution for every pot plant challenge

We are passionate about our products and very proud of what we have created.