Tall Plant attachment


From the moment you start fitting this attachment you will become aware the designer knew what he was doing. The outriggers making the box secure in high winds, the clever use of existing features and the simple way the frame goes together and feels so strong.

Now plant 2 tomato bushes and watch them grow up and up, by careful grooming you can maximize your yield .

And of course if you want you can grow beans or peas with the included net.

We have seen it time and time again, 1 Earth Box with 2 tomato plants will yield more than 8 plants in the garden

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Staking System Trcotta-120x120INCLUDES

  • 6 Sturdy Aluminum Tubes
  • 4 Tube Connectors
  • 2 Clips with stainless hardware
  • 2 Stability Outriggers
  • 2 Casters
  • Bean netting


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