Nova Scotia Gold


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This is a seaweed fertiliser from Canada, sustainably harvested off the coast of Nova Scotia, here is a unique part of the world, the warm North Atlantic Drift having left the Caribbean is turned left and sent across to Europe by the cold current coming down from the arctic. The result is one of the most fertile parts of the ocean, and its here three varieties of kelp are harvested for our garden, and what is seaweed good for? Potassium, which gives us colour and flavour.

Please remember that this is not salty, kelp takes seawater in by the principle of osmosis, whats inside is pure water , the salt is left in the ocean.

At a dose rate of 25ml per litre of water it represents great value, buy it at the same time as your 2 Pack Nutrient Mix and the total postage any where in Australia is only $10, thats $3.30 per bottle, of course if you buy them one at a time the postage is $10 each


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