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The Maxi is a larger version of the Midi, the same smooth art deco curves and lines, the same moisture mash water system, available in Terracotta, Stone, Jade and Slate, ideal for herbs, three layers, the bottom two planted with perennial herbs and the top with up to six annual herbs, so the top will be changed around three times a year, and the latest mini bush roma tomatoes grow beautifully here.

If you are designing a courtyard or a front entrance, the Midi and Maxi compliment each other then a Wall Unit with the same art deco curves give the total picture.

The Maxi comes as a three level giving a total of 10 planting zones, a colour matched saucer is included, extra levels are available to make 4 high, 13 planting zones, a strawberry patch with 13 plants in an area 30cm x 30cm.

Remember all stackapots need to be turned from time to time to give all plants some time in the sun, the mini and mega turn in the saucer or can be supplied with a heavy duty trolly.

Diameter 50cm x 75cm high

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