Backyarder Tomato Cage


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The backyarder is a frame designed to support plants that grow up, that you don’t want blown down, tomato, sweet pea , beans, dahlia etc etc.

The number one use is for tomato’s, the plant grows and is supported no tying, no clips, the fruit hangs over the steel hoops, plenty of room to allow for grooming.

Made from 16mm aluminum and galvanized spring steel, it is designed to last for a long time, with minimal maintenance. Rubber plugs are supplied in the top to keep the spiders out.

Attached to the ground via 3 x 400mm  plastic earth stakes it withstands most conditions, longer earth stakes are available for sandy areas. The earth stake is included into the backyarder price

New model coming, old model runout price is $25.00 SAVE  SAVE  SAVE Limited stocks, we are open to reasonable offers for large orders, we are excited by the new model But we must clear the deck of existing stocks

Standing a full 1500mm above the ground, with 6 spring steel hoops making grooming and harvesting a breeze.

Extension kits available to take it up to 2000mm,  and covers to protect your plants from weather and pests


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